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Der 2-wöchige Intensivsprachkurs für Einsteiger findet vom 6. bis 18. April 2020 in München statt. Jetzt anmelden!

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Ab sofort bieten wir in Kooperation mit der Wuyuan-Schule Kurse und Workshops für die chinesischen Kampfkünste Taijiquan und Kungfu an.

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Jetzt neu: Sprachkurs-Abonnement (4 Kurse) für Abend- und Intensivkurse. Ein Workshop nach Wahl gratis.

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Chinesisch lernen in China! Die Bewerbungsphase beginnt am 1. März. Jetzt informieren und Stipendienplatz sichern!

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Berlin, May 4-7, 2020 | The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) is pleased to announce a call for applications for the 2020 European China...

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In China zahlt man mit dem Handy. Einladung zum Vortrag "Mobile Payment in China" am 14.02.2020.

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am 13. März 2020 begrüßen wir Herrn Prof. Ptak mit einem Vortrag zum Thema "Geschichte der Maritimen Seidenstraße: Seerouten als mentale Konstrukte"


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Customer reviews

Munich city library Neuaubing

Calligraphy workshop for children

The city library Neuaubing is currently being rebuilt, so we’re visiting the children of the district in their schools and other institutions. In January 2019, Ms Shen and Mr Li were invited by the Munich city library Neuaubing to visit a primary school and hold a calligraphy workshop for a fourth grade class. Using numerous examples, they clearly showed how Chinese characters developed from original pictorial representations. The children were also able to try writing with brush and ink. Ms Shen and Mr Li had all the required materials with them and explained how to hold the brush correctly. It was a little tricky, but a lot of fun. Personally, I was really interested in what we learned about how the characters developed. We liked the event so much that we’ve already booked another calligraphy workshop in a school for next year!

Individual Chinese lessons for Anna

Private lessons, group courses for children

Ms Zhang Ying competently accompanied our daughter Anna’s Chinese language studies from the age of six all the way to her high school graduation (Abitur), both in group courses and individual lessons. Ms Zhang not only adjusted the lessons to the respective age and learning speed of the student, she also managed to help maintain motivation. She managed to do this not least because of her friendly nature, her patience and her personal commitment. Ms Zhang’s exceptional commitment was not only obvious during her lessons, but also in the fact that she was always available to the parents when assistance or advice was needed, for example when they wanted to discuss or implement individual support options or alternative lessons.

Ms Zhang was always well prepared for the lessons, punctual and her teaching style characterised by a calm and positive learning environment. (...)


For children & youth

Learn Chinese - discover the world: Language course, workshops, calligraphy, bilingual classes, summer camp and scholarships.


Business Chinese

Get yourself ready for doing business with China! Courses and seminars for companies/in-house, intercultural training, "Chinese up close" in Dietfurt, private lessons and individual sessions.

Cultural events

As well as the monthly "Jour Fixe" presentation series, our event calendar also has information about events such as concerts, theatre, exhibitions and much more.

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